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  • About us
    The goal of this website is to provide those people interested in plastic and/or hand surgery with as much information as possible on the individual areas of this field.
  • Breast reduction | reduction mammoplasty
    Breast reduction (reduction mammoplasty) is associated with the medical term macromastia, which describes breasts that are too large. Macromastia is considered to be one of the breast deformities.
  • Calf Augmentation
    Calf enlargement (the medical term is calf augmentation) is often considered by patients whose calves are excessively narrow (in extreme cases they may be described as 'stork legs') due to illness. The diagnosis can apply to only one side of the body. Calf augmentation for aesthetic reasons has also become more and more popular in the last few years.
  • Calf Implants - Silicone
    Breast augmentation using breast implants has become a common procedure for plastic surgeons. There are, however, far fewer requests for Calf Augmentation using calf implants. However, advances in breast implant technology have also improved the quality of calf implants.
  • Calf Muscles
    The calf (sural region) is the rear upper muscular region of the lower leg. Not all muscles in the calf are calf muscles, however.
  • Calf reduction surgery
    Calf reduction has a subordinate role in plastic surgery, particularly in comparison with breast enlargement, breast reduction, abdominoplasty, etc. However, there are many people (mostly women) who, due to their large calves, suffer psychological strain that is at least as intense as that of women who undergo breast augmentation because their breasts are too small, or women who decide on breast reduction surgery due to overly large breasts.
  • Calf surgery
    Patients may want calf surgery for calves which are genetically too small or too large. They may also be experiencing changes in the muscles or build up of fat. Calf deformity can also be caused by various diseases.
  • Dr. Schumann
    Dr. Rene Schumann is a Plastic Surgeon and founder of the YUVEO Clinic Dr. Schumann. ...
  • Ear reduction
    Oversized ears can be corrected by means of ear reduction (or auricle reduction). The medical technical term for a developmentally large ear is macrotia. ...
  • YUVEO Clinic Dr. Schumann
    The YUVEO Clinic Dr. Schumann would like to use this page to provide you with a first impression of our range of treatments and inform you of our additional services.
  • Lip reduction
    Lip reduction is an intervention that is clearly performed less often than lip augmentation. However, very large lips are also found.
  • Nose Tip Rhinoplasty
    The nose tip rhinoplasty is, for the most part, only one component of the standard rhinoplasty. However, there are cases, in which malformation of the nose tip exists in an otherwise normal nose.
  • Rhinoplasty / Nasal Surgery
    Cosmetic nasal surgery or nasal plastic surgery is known medically as a nasoplasty, or more commonly, as a rhinoplasty. Nasal surgery can correct a nasal deformity and normalize the overall aesthetic image of the face, all the more because the nose plays a central role in the aesthetics of the face.
  • Tummy Tuck | Abdominoplasty
    The main reasons for getting a tummy tuck (abdominal wall tightening procedure) are changes as a result of pregnancies (often multiple pregnancies) and massive weight loss after being severely overweight (obesity = adiposity, or the extreme form = morbid obesity).


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