Tummy Tuck recovery

tummy tuck recovery


What should be considered in the postoperative care and recovery of the tummy tuck?

  • Drains
    Drains are left in place for 2-5 days after the tummy tuck, depending on the volume of discharge.
  • General conduct
    Especially in the first 3 weeks of recovery, one must be careful not to put much strain on the sutures in the lower abdomen so they do not stretch. One should therefore sleep in a jackknife position on one's back to reduce the tension on the suture line. After the tummy tuck, walking and standing should be done in a position bent slightly forward. Regulation of the stool is just as important, and the danger of constipation (obstipation) can be prevented by use of a mild laxative. Constipating and gas-forming foods must be avoided. With strong pressure, the inner corset sutures can be quickly stretched again beyond what is wished for.
  • Compression
    It is important to keep quiet in the first 24 hours after a tummy tuck so that small vessels that had been tied off do not open up again. By wearing a compression bandage for one night, the likelihood of bleeding is additionally reduced. In the first days and weeks of recovery, swelling and mild bruising of the skin (often different from one side to the other) are normal. A compression girdle should be worn for a full 6 weeks after the tummy tuck.
  • Stitches
    Resorbable stitches do not need to be removed. Non-resorbable stitches are removed after 14 days at the earliest.
  • Showering
    Because of the proximity to the pubic area, waterproof bandages are avoided for the most part. Showering is allowed shortly after removal of the drains (2-5 days). Prior to that the bandage must remain dry.
  • Sports
    Strenuous sports and those that involve abdominal movement should be avoided for 4-6 weeks after surgery. These weeks are the total recovery time.

Updated on 01.07.2014

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