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Skull Correction with custom-made Skull Implants

We use skull correction with custom-made skull implants at the Yuveo Clinic primarily for esthetic occipital augmentation.

Especially men with a flattened back of the head seek our advice, as they often have no chance to sufficiently conceal this area due to their hair growth.

The shape of the back of the head varies individually, as does the position of the flattened area.

Our plastic surgeons will address your individual requirements and will be happy to inform you about a possible treatment. 


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Characteristics of custom-made skull implants

They are customized for you on the basis of 3D CT scans and virtual treatment planning.

Patient-specific Skull Correction

After detailed consultation and anamnesis we proceed to diagnostics.


With our modern three-dimensional imaging (3D CT scan), we can precisely predetermine the size, position and angle of the implant. This allows us to custom design the skull implant. It is uniquely designed and manufactured for you.

The surgery

You will receive general anesthesia for this surgery. We gain access to the surgical site through a low horizontal incision in the skin.
We form an implant pocket. The occipital implant is inserted into this pocket and the wound is closed with a fine suture.

After surgery we inform you about the associated aftercare.

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The cranial implants are usually made of silicone or PEEK. The latter is characterized by high temperature resistance and very good mechanical stability. 


They are individually fabricated for you based on three-dimensional imaging and precise planning by your experienced plastic surgeon.

Size, position, location and angle are precisely determined in advance.

In this way, the implant fits perfectly to the back of the head.

A particular challenge is that an implant pocket must be created in the relatively tight tissue at the back of the head into which the skull implant can be precisely fitted.

Everything must be perfectly coordinated. Precision is required.

We want to achieve a natural contour of the back of the head. Volume, positioning and dimensions are precisely coordinated.

We design these skull implants uniquely for the patient.

You will receive a custom skull implant design that is applicable only to you.

This is how we achieve highly esthetic skull correction results.

Check the Facts

  • Surgeon: Dr. Rene Schumann
  • Diagnostics:
    3D CT scan, clinical examination
  • Anesthesia:
    General anesthesia
  • Surgery: in prone position
  • Effect: permanent