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Forehead Correction

We will gladly comply with your wish for an aesthetic forehead correction.

Our plastic surgeons will advise you on the various options for modulating your forehead as desired.

Essentially, we can use custom-made forehead implants made of PEEK or silicone for this purpose. In addition, we can reduce the eyebrow bulge if desired or build it up with bone cement.

We will individually address your request and choose the most suitable procedure for you.

Our team is at your disposal for a consultation!

Dr. Rene Schumann and Dr. Daphnie Schumann-Averkiou


Yuveo Klinik

Characteristics of the forehead correction

The options for forehead correction range from custom-made implants to eyebrow bead modulation.

Forehead Implants

We use customized implants made of PEEK or silicone planned and manufactured according to 3D CT diagnostics.

Eyebrow bulge reduction

We perform brow bone reduction by removing a part of the bone substance carefully.

Forehead correction with bone cement

We build up the eyebrow bulge with bone cement.

Forehead lifting

A forehead lift to smooth wrinkles and lift the eyebrows

The Three Basics of Forehead Correction

1. Custom-made forehead implants

Custom-made forehead implants are inserted during a surgical procedure under general anesthesia after virtual 3D diagnostics and customized fabrication to harmonize the forehead.

2. Brow bone reduction

Brow bone reduction is a surgical procedure in which we surgically reduce the brow bone.
A bone burr is used to remove the bone to the desired degree, which makes the bulge smaller and less prominent.

3. Eyebrow bulge augmentation

In the opposite case to point 2, patients come to us who want a brow bead augmentation.
For example, this may be desired for a transgender adjustment from female to male.
We use selected bone cement to artificially build up the eyebrow bulge. This makes the face look more masculine.

Frau lächelt


We use self-dissolving suture material that dissolves after 1 to 2 weeks. In addition, we monitor your healing process and provide appropriate scar management.


The stability of the skull bone is not weakened by surgery. It remains stable and healthy.


Take it easy on yourself and avoid physical exertion for the first few days. Pay attention to conscientious facial hygiene. The bruises will disappear after a few days.

We perform the incision for forehead correction in the area of the hairline.
In the course of this, we can lower the hairline if desired or perform an eyebrow lift.


Check the Facts

  • Surgeon: Dr. Rene Schumann
  • Treatment duration:
    depends on way of surgery
  • Anesthetic:
    general anesthetic
  • Clinic stay:
    one overnight stay
  • Posttreatment:
    Rest, facial hygiene, avoid pressure
  • Effect: permanent