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Jawline Contouring

At this point we inform you about the Jawline Contouring with the filler hyaluronic acid.

Our plastic surgery team in Düsseldorf uses the filler specifically to shape your chin contour (= jawline) according to your wishes.

This creates a clearly defined transition between the neck and face – with a convincing aesthetic result.


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Special features of Jawline Contouring

With hyaluronic acid we can help both women and men to achieve a defined chin and jawline.

Jawline contouring with filler

With the proven filler hyaluronic acid we can achieve an immediately visible result of the jawline treatment in a minimally invasive way.

Double chin liposuction

In many cases liposuction = lipoplasty is the method of choice. As it usually involves a rather small fat pad, the effort for the patient is low.

Jawline injections with hyaluronic acid

For the jawline treatment at the Yuveo clinic in Düsseldorf we use highly purified hyaluronic acid preparations to shape your chin contour.

Before we start with the filler therapy, we advise you in detail and inform you of all the facts you should know about it.

We will take your wishes, determine the areas to be treated with the filler and inject the filler in a minimally invasive procedure.

Your plastic surgeon uses the finest needles for the injection, with which a defined amount of the filler is injected into the specified areas. No anaesthetic is needed for this.

Thanks to the filling effect, the chin line is tightened, which you can observe for yourself immediately after the therapy.

ambulant jawline contouring

Frequently asked questions about Jawline Contouring

Hyaluronic acid is a fibrous material that occurs naturally in the body and is found in connective tissue and bones.

It has the property to bind water and leads to a tightening effect of the treated areas when injected.

The signs of the times play a role here: it is currently considered a trend to move away from round face shapes and towards defined, clearly delineated face shapes.

A defined chin area that visually separates the face and neck is desired by women.

Similar to women, men also pay attention to their facial aesthetics and their distinctive facial expression.

Masculine facial shapes with clear lines ensure a vital and healthy appearance.

Patients who come to the Yuveo Clinic want their chin contour to be more pronounced and clearer.

The initial situation, which we also record with photos, usually shows that the jaw-chin-area does not stand out clearly from the neck for a variety of reasons.

You should stop taking blood-thinning medication two weeks before the filler treatment.

It is not necessary to take antibiotics in this case.

If you are allergic to hyaluronic acid, this filling is not suitable for you.

Please come to your appointment without make-up.

As the filler has to spread on the spot, you should relax for about four hours after the injection.

Please avoid drinking alcohol on the day of the treatment and refrain from visiting the solarium or sauna.

Refrain from sporting activities for the next two days after your appointment.

Checking the facts

  • Plastic Surgeons: Dr. Rene Schumann, Dr. Daphnie Schumann-Averkiou
  • Treatment duration:
    about 30 to 45 minutes
  • Fit for society:
  • Filler:
    hyaluronic acid
  • Effect:
    lasts for up to twelve month