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Forehead Implants

Forehead implants benefit people with so-called “receding forehead”, who usually try to cover the forehead with their hair.

In most cases, however, dissatisfaction with one’s facial esthetics remains. As a rule, the affected person avoids being photographed because it is unpleasant.

In addition, men’s brows are sometimes very pronounced and form bulges.

A forehead implant can help to harmonize this area.

Every person is unique, which is why the forehead implants are planned and made individually for you by our plastic surgeons in Düsseldorf.


Forehead Correction with Implants

The surgery is preceded by a personal consultation and planning. We involve you closely in the essential steps and you have an idea in advance how the implant will fit and change your forehead area.


The surgery takes about 2 to 3 hours, and you will receive a general anesthesia for it.

We detach the soft tissue in the forehead area from the skull bone. Then, the custom-made forehead implant is placed on the bone and stably fixed with tiny titan screws.

We then provide an esthetic and secure multi-layer suture.

After the procedure, we recommend that you stay at the Yuveo Clinic for one night for control.

male patient, high forehead

More Details

During our personal consultation in the clinic, you will have the opportunity to tell us about your wishes regarding forehead correction and ask questions about the procedure.

Our procedure includes a thorough medical history, clinical examination and imaging diagnostics.

Based on these facts, the personalized implant will be made for you.

Our plastic surgeons will of course inform you about the variants of the surgical method, risks and complications and the surgical procedure.

In addition, our anesthesia team will inform you about the general anesthesia.

If you have the desire to have your receding forehead esthetically corrected with an implant, you should have the following requirements:
– general physical health
– Minimum age: 18 years
– Advantageous: dense hair
– face and skull without previous diseases
– healthy connective tissue

Each of you has a unique face profile and contour. We adjust to this during your treatment and correct your receding forehead with individually adapted implants.

They are made of chosen and tested material according to millimeter-precise planning.

Swelling in the area of the surgical site is to be expected after the procedure. This may cause slight pain and a feeling of tension. Wound water forms here after surgery, but this recedes after a few days.

We will provide you with painkillers to relieve the discomfort.

We will apply a head bandage, which will serve to contain the swelling.

In addition, you will be provided with cold compresses to cool your forehead for a few hours.

Furthermore, we will inform you about physical rest and further details after the forehead correction. 

As with any surgical procedure, infection, post-operative bleeding or discomfort from anesthesia can occur.

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– Swelling of varying duration may occur.
– There is often a temporary restriction of sensation in the surgical area.
– Rarely, sensory nerves may be injured.
– Scars may be more noticeable in individual cases. Possible hair loss is taken into account. A follow-up correction is sometimes desired.

Check the Facts

  • Surgeon: Dr. Rene Schumann
  • Treatment duration: about 2 to 3 hours
  • Anesthesia:
    general anesthesia
  • Clinic stay:
    one overnight stay
  • Aftercare:
    Head bandage, analgesics, cooling, self-dissolving sutures, removal of staples after 3 weeks.