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Custom-Made Facial Implants

Custom-made facial implants offer you numerous possibilities to redefine your facial profile and contour.

Many of our patients seek for esthetic facial changes. One of our therapy options are custom-made facial implants, among other things.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Dr. Rene Schumann and Dr. Daphnie Schumann-Averkiou


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Characteristics of custom-made facial implants

Compared to standard implants, custom-made facial implants are absolutely unique.

Custom-made facial implants

Ideal fit: Computer designed and manufactured based on 3D CT scans, perfect for your face!

Facial Esthetics

We achieve the best possible results for your facial esthetics through a high accuracy of fit with countless design options.

Facial Reconstruction After Surgery

Harmonization of the facial contour after (maxillofacial) surgeries

Facial implants - unique, made just for you!

During the personal consultation, we are very happy to address your wishes regarding the planned facial surgery.

In the course of diagnostics, 3D CT scans of your facial skeleton are used for imaging.
They give us an exact overview of your facial anatomy and are a valuable basis for further planning.

Based on the scans, virtual implant models are designed, which are then converted into the physical models.

These have a unique fit that molds beautifully to your facial shape.

Moreover, this makes it possible to have a precisely pre-planned surgical procedure thanks to the 3D CT scans.


These specially fitted and individualized facial implants are manufactured using the CAD-CAM process based on the 3D CT scans. They are made of hard silicone.

Patients with facial asymmetries visit our clinic and ask us to correct these asymmetries surgically.

Among other things, we can use implants to give more definition to an underdeveloped chin or to make cheekbones more prominent.

Yes, in this case we can achieve very nice results for patients who have significant irregularities in their facial contour after jaw surgeries.

The CAD/CAM implants bring the esthetic balance after the realignment surgeries.

The result is a harmonization of facial structures that suits you beautifully.


For patients who have had a previous bone reduction surgery but are not satisfied with the result, we offer a possibility of reconstruction with the customized facial implants.

Yes, even for purely esthetic reasons such a surgery is quite reasonable.

With the help of CAD/CAM implants we achieve the desired changes that affect your facial skeleton.

The great advantage is the sustainable result that will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Our team listens carefully to your wishes and finds a very beautiful esthetic solution for you.

Advantages of 3D-CT-planned facial implants

Lasting result

These implants provide a lasting, stable and beautiful result. They usually remain in the body for a lifetime. They get their stability from the hard silicone used. This is very robust and holds up even in the event of possible facial injuries due to accidents.

CT-engineered and customized

These variants are unique custom-made products – precisely tailored to the patient’s needs.

No slipping

Once the facial implants have grown in under the periosteum, they have a secure hold and do not slip.