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Funnel Chest Surgery with Implant

Funnel chest correction with implant is useful for those patients who do not have any functional physical impairment due to this chest deformity.

Extensive surgical procedures on the skeleton of the chest are not necessary in these cases.

On the other hand, our team of plastic surgeons can achieve a significant esthetic improvement of the funnel chest using a custom-made silicone implant.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Dr. Rene Schumann and Dr. Daphnie Schumann-Averkiou, Yuveo Clinic, Düsseldorf



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Characteristics of Funnel Chest Surgery with Implant

We perform the esthetic correction of funnel chest with custom-made 3D silicone implants.

Funnel Chest

Funnel chest is the term used to describe a congenital chest deformity that can take on different dimensions.

Esthetic funnel chest correction

Esthetic correction makes sense if there are no functional limitations.

Custom-made 3D implants

The implants are computer designed and manufactured based on 3D CT scans: perfectly adapted to your rib arch!

Funnel Chest Surgery - Course of Operation

Consultation and diagnostics

During the personal consultation, we will be happy to discuss your wishes regarding the planned funnel chest surgery.

In the course of diagnostics, 3D CT scans of your chest are used for imaging.

Fabrication of the 3D silicone implant

Based on the 3D scans, virtual models are made, which are the basis for the precisely made funnel chest implants.


You will receive general anesthesia for the surgical procedure. The surgery itself takes about an hour.

Your plastic surgeon prepares a suitable implant pocket at the level of the breastbone. Now the funnel chest implant is placed in the deeper layers of the chest muscles.

The advantage is that it has a very secure hold and is hidden by the overlying muscle layer.

Clinic stay

We recommend a hospital stay of one to two days after this operation.

Male patient: Funnel Chest before surgery with implant
Clearly visible indentation of the breast = funnel chest.

Frequently Asked Questions about Funnel Chest Surgery with Implant

Funnel chest (lat.: pectus excavatum) is a hereditary malformation of the anterior chest wall.

The background is a pathological change in the cartilage tissue between the sternum and the ribs.

As a result, an indentation of the chest wall develops, which is called funnel chest.

The 3D-planned funnel chest implants have, among other things, the advantage of providing individual results that are precisely adapted to the respective chest.

These implants provide a sustainably stable and beautiful result. They usually remain in the body for a lifetime. They are made of sturdy silicone, which makes them robust and stable.

Compared to standard plaster cast implants, the results are much more accurate and have high esthetic value.

For the safe placement of the implant under the pectoral muscle, an approx. 7 cm long vertical skin incision at the level of the sternum is required.

After healing, this scar is usually very inconspicuous and hardly visible.

In this surgical procedure for funnel chest correction with implant, the skeleton of the chest remains completely untouched.

The implant pocket is formed deep in the chest muscles and the implant is placed there.

  • We work with self-dissolving sutures, so we save you from having to remove the sutures later.
  • You will receive a support vest for six weeks to stabilize your chest.
  • We will see you after one week for a check-up in our clinic.
  • Please expect to miss two weeks of work.
  • You should refrain from sports for 3 months following the funnel chest correction with implant.

Check the Facts

  • Plastic surgeon: Dr. Rene Schumann
  • Treatment duration:
    About an hour
  • Anesthesia:
    General anesthesia
  • Hospital stay:
    1 to 2 days inpatient
  • Aftercare:
    You’ll wear a medical support vest for 6 weeks after surgery
  • Able to socialize:
    After about 14 days
  • Sports: Please refrain from sports for 12 weeks after surgery.

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