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Jawline Surgery

In addition to Jawline Contouring using fillers, our team at the Yuveo Clinic Düsseldorf offers you Jawline Surgery with mandibular angle implants.

You benefit from the fact that the surgical results are permanent and the procedure does not leave any external scars, as access is via the mouth.

Patients with a proportionally small lower jaw, but also those who need a post-correction after previous oral surgery, can gain an advantage from this therapy.

As always, our plastic surgeons, Dr. Rene Schumann and Dr. Daphnie Schumann-Averkiou, are available to advise you and explain the details.


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Special features of Jawline Surgery

With this surgical method we achieve a permanent aesthetic result in contrast to filler therapy with hyaluronic acid.

Jawline surgery with implants

Surgery with implants offers a permanent correction of the lower jaw-chin contour without external scars.

Silicone implants for the lower jaw

Silicone mandibular angle implants are easy to handle, flexible to adjust and can be shaped very well.

Jawline Surgery

The reconstruction of the mandibular angle with bilaterally placed implants is usually operated through an incision on the mucosa of the lower lip in the mouth.

Silicone implants placed laterally on the angle of the lower jaw (in special cases also consisting of other materials) are popularly used for augmentation in order to obtain a permanent effect.

The surgery involved is somewhat more complex than injections with hyaluronic acid.

Thanks to their flexible consistency, we can customise the implants for mandibular augmentation.
They are placed on the side of the mandibular angle via the incision described above.

During the operation, our Yuveo team takes care not to damage adjacent structures such as nerve tracts in the direct vicinity.

Mandibular angle implant
Chin correction with implants
Jawline operation, customized implant
Chin correction with customized implants

Frequently asked questions about Jawline Surgery

People who want more harmony in terms of their facial proportions, especially if the lower jaw is not very pronounced, benefit from this procedure.

In addition, irregularities after oral surgery (class II operations) can be concealed very well in this way.

When mandibular and chin implants are combined, congenitally small mandibles can be brought to more normal dimensions.

An abnormally small chin can be corrected by enlarging the chin vertically with lengthening horizontal bone augmentation and supplementing the chin and mandible with implants.

We offer Jawline Contouring with hyaluronic acid as an alternative.

General complications such as infections, fluid effusions and haematomas can occur.

Thanks to the use of tested silicone implants, there is a very low risk of infection, the rate of de-placement is low and a high level of patient satisfaction has been achieved with corresponding procedures.

Since surgery is performed through the oral cavity, our team in Düsseldorf recommends that you maintain good oral hygiene after the surgery.

Checking the facts: Surgery with mandibular angle implants

  • Surgeon:
    Dr. Rene Schumann
  • Treatment duration: Depending on the extent of the mandibular correction and the implant: 3 to 4 hours.
  • Socially fit after surgery: After about 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the swelling.
  • Effect: lasting result
jawline implantation
jawline implantation
jawline implant
3D simulation of customized jawline implant