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Facial implants

There are various changes in the face that cause people to consider having facial plastic surgery corrections performed.

The reasons for such changes may be due to an accident, caused by age changes or be genetic in nature.

In the following, we will discuss the aesthetic corrections that can be made with the help of facial implants.

Of course, these implants can also be used for medical reasons, such as after a facial injury.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have: Dr Schumann and Dr Schumann-Averkiou, Yuveo Klinik, Düsseldorf


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Characteristics of facial implants

With a 2D/3D simulation we can show you how your facial aesthetics will change after the implantation.

Facial implants

We can achieve aesthetic facial corrections with the help of special implants.

Advantages of implants

They have a lasting stability as well as durability and adapt individually.

Before and after simulation

We can simulate the result of the implantation in advance with the help of 2D or 3D graphic programmes.

The following facial implants are available:

Chin implants

We use them to correct a lowered chin. The incision can be made inside the mouth or under the chin.

Cheek implants

We place these through an incision inside the oral cavity in the area of the upper jaw bone. The cheekbone is corrected and made more prominent with hard silicone implants.

Soft silicone gel implants are used for the soft parts of the cheeks, which usually have to be specially made.

Lower jaw implants

These are used within jawline surgery to widen a too narrow and feminine-looking lower jaw, especially in men.

Piriformis implants

It is suitable as an implant for the nasal entrance to raise the midface.

Orbital rim implants

(= orbital rim implants)

They can correct a loss of tissue below the eyes, which often becomes apparent especially in old age. They are placed in the marginal area of the lower edge of the eye socket (orbita).

Temporal implants

They conceal the often sunken temples in old age. However, the narrowing of the skull in the temple area is often congenital.

We place temple implants through an incision in the hairy area.

Skull implants

(= cranial implants) These are rarely requested. The incision always depends on the localisation and extent of the findings.

These facial implants usually have to be made using a 3D model and are therefore very expensive.

Beautiful cheeks, woman

Frequently asked questions about facial implant therapy

If we determine in consultation with you that your wish is reasonable and feasible, the question is what type of correction you decide on.

Depending on the findings, localisation and the patient’s wishes, there are various options that we can discuss with you.

The result can be simulated with the help of 2D or 3D graphic programmes.

We decide with you whether prefabricated standard implants or custom-made implants are to be used.

In special cases, such as cranial dome implants, these must be made according to a 3D image.

As far as the anaesthetic for the operation is concerned, a general anaesthetic is certainly the most pleasant form, as you will not notice anything about the surgery.

When you wake up from the anaesthetic, everything is done.

Nevertheless, it is also possible to have this operation performed under twilight sleep (= sedation) or occasionally only under local anaesthesia.

However, we usually recommend a general anaesthetic.

Hyaluronic acid is one of the methods (fillers) with which our plastic surgery team in Düsseldorf can correct facial contours without having to resort to facial implants.

We most frequently use the strongly cross-linked hyaluronic acid for this purpose.

However, their durability is limited. Depending on the manufacturer and the degree of cross-linking, you can expect a shelf life of 1-1.5 years.

Subsequently, you have to inject again to maintain the result.

Hyaluronic acid is of organic origin. It is present in our body and makes up a large part of our connective tissue.

Another form of facial contouring without implants is an autologous fat transplant.

If autologous fat is available, it can be used, among other things, to contour the shape of the face.

For the facial treatment, our team requires significantly less fat than, for example, for the Brazilian Butt Lift or breast augmentation with autologous fat.

Advantages of facial implants

Lasting beautiful result

They can be used for a long-lasting beautiful result.

After proper placement in an optimal position, these implants can typically remain in the body for a lifetime.

Since they are usually made of rubber-like hard silicone, facial implants can hardly break.

In the case of accidents or severe injuries, silicone gel implants can tear and must then be replaced. This does not happen with hard silicone implants.

Prefabricated and inexpensive

There are several prefabricated shapes, which makes the implants relatively cheap. Custom-made implants are more expensive.

No slipping

Once the facial implants have grown in under the periosteum, they are virtually impossible to slip out of place.

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